What is the design style of Castle Hotel & Spa?

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Linnea Covington

The design style of Castle Hotel & Spa brings its guests back to another place in time. The property has two towers and its rough gray stones stretch three stories high. Inside the building you’ll find bold stonewalls, Gothic spires, vaults, and elongated windows, some with stained glass. Many of the spaces sport the original owner’s hand-stamped wooden paneling, hand-carved chairs and benches that date back to Louis XIV, and Medieval-looking tapestries hanging on the walls. In the common areas you’ll see shiny silver and champagne-colored velvet couches and chairs — pieces of furniture that only get overshadowed the by the grand space itself. Most of the common areas and rooms have a modern carpet, but instead of clashing with the ancient glam of the space, the carpeting works as a complementary feature, which allows the room to feel a bit more cozy. The hotel has also built in a luxurious spa right next door. The neat thing about this arrangement, with the same stone facade, the spa looks like it has always been there. Yet, when you walk into it, because of the way it was designed, the spa boasts a tranquil and totally separate feeling, just as it’s meant to.

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