What should I wear to a treatment at Thann Sanctuary Spa?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Linnea Covington

At Thann Sanctuary Spa, which is located on the grounds of the enchanted Castle Hotel & Spa, you can wear whatever you want. The spa comes complete with women’s and men’s locker rooms, and inside these rooms, you’ll find plush robes and towels. As far as what to wear under your robe, well, the spa staff wants you to be comfortable, and with that, they ask that you wear whatever will make you feel the most relaxed during your treatment. True, you will get the best work if you aren’t wearing anything, but they are fine with you wearing comfy underwear or a swimsuit. Because the therapists use oils and lotions on the skin, if you are getting a massage you should consider that when deciding what to wear.

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