What is the best way to get an appointment at The Spa at Glenmere?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Caroline Patek

The best way to book an appointment at The Spa at Glenmere is by calling 845-469-1939. From there, you can speak with the spa attendant who can help guide you through the selection process of picking a spa treatment, as well as answer any of your questions on the spot. However, if you’re staying at Glenmere Mansion, you can also walk to the spa and book an appointment in person, call directly from your guest room phone or schedule a session online via the hotel’s website glenmeremansion.com. No matter how you book, keep in mind that the spa’s bath house and hammam can only be occupied by one treatment at a time (whether you’re alone or with a partner), so if you book the Journey to Shambhala, Turkish Soap Massage or Moroccan Purification Ritual, you’ll want to arrange your slot further in advance so your schedule doesn't clash with another appointment.

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