What is the best thing to bring home from Jamaica?

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Christopher Reckord

They are many local souvenirs to choose from, and visitors can take their pick of wood carvings, oil paintings or Jamaican CDs. Gourmets will definitely come home with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, grown and roasted in Jamaica. It’s a tasty coffee considered one of the best in the world that’s certified by the Jamaica Coffee Board. Some great Blue Mountain brands include: Café Blue, Coffee Traders, Country Traders, Jablum, Marley Coffee and Wallenford Blue. It’s also a good idea to pick up extra Appleton Estate rum for future summer evenings back home. Foodies can bring home a box of frozen Jamaican beef patties — a popular local snack of pastry shell filled with meat and spices. Jerk seasonings and Jamaican cookbooks also make great souvenirs.

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