What restaurants does Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge have?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Robin Schroffel

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is virtually in the wilderness, but you’d never know it based on its dining options. From takeaway picnic lunches by Fitzhugh’s To Go to light pub fare and local beer from the Emerald Lounge where the view is unbeatable, this is no campfire cooking.

The Moose’s Nook Northern Grill embodies the rustic Canadian spirit in every way, from its Alberta-raised meats to its focus on foraged and local foods. Here, you’ll find traditional meals and comfort foods with upscale twists. In contrast, Cavell’s Restaurant and Terrace offers something a little lighter: international cuisine, breakfasts, afternoon tea, and a Sunday brunch to write home about. Tiny Oka Sushi fills up quickly, but with highest quality ingredients shipped directly from Japan and Vancouver, it’s no wonder why this little sushi bar is so popular.

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