What is the best way to get a sense of the history in Jerusalem?

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Dan Heching

Understandably, the preference most of the time is to forge your own path while traveling. But the enormous wealth of history and information lurking behind practically every stone in Jerusalem makes the need for a knowledgeable tour guide of utmost importance. Finding the right guide, who can mix passion, academia and fun into a great day out and about in the city, can be the key to a wonderful trip here. Ideally, choose a tour that will take you through all the different quarters of the Old City, as well as neighboring areas, thereby getting a sense of the multi-faceted cultures that have existed side-by-side here for countless years.
Specifically, tours conducted by guides from Emek Shaveh — an organization of archeologists and community activists — available within the City of David reveal new areas that are being excavated, with many artifacts and clues to the ancient way of life, all in the context of the modern day Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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