What are the best things to order at The Barn at Blackberry Farm?

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You’ll be bombarded with food and drink options at The Barn at Blackberry Farm, but these are the top things to order at the farm-to-table restaurant:

1. Wine. Sommelier Andy Chabot and his team are more than happy to provide guests valuable insight on which bottle or glass of wine to select. With an 180,000-plus wine bottle collection and 8,000 unique selections on the wine list, Chabot and his sommeliers are sure to find a wine pairing for your meal.

2. Handcrafted beer. Blackberry has a brewery on its farm and produces three types of hand- crafted beers. Be sure to sample these beers during your visit to the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant. The selections include the Classic Saison, the Farm Ale and the Screaming Cock. According to Blackberry’s brewery, The Saison is a Belgian-style ale, medium-bodied and has a refreshing effervescence. The Farm Ale’s flavor has light- to medium-malt sweetness with some underlying fruitiness. It’s versatile with a wide range of foods. The Screaming Cock has many complex flavors, including a rich maltiness with hints of fruitiness. We liked this one best when with hearty foods such as beef or lamb.

3. Lamb. Executive chef Joseph Lenn’s cuisine at The Barn is inspired by fresh, seasonal food produced at Blackberry Farm and the foothills region of the Smoky Mountains. Every dish is good, but a must-try entree is the lamb loin wrapped in lamb bacon with bulgur risotto and harissa. The lamb is especially tender, flavorful and juicy.

4. Foraged foods. Blackberry makes good use of its land to provide natural menu items foraged from the farm and the woods. Morel mushrooms, chanterelle mushrooms, cauliflower mushrooms, wild leek, and wild berries are carefully picked and then prepared with various dishes at the luxury Tennessee restaurant. Wild crabapples, wild muscadines and huckleberries are among the other farm-fresh, foraged items on the menu, too.  During your dining experience, be sure to ask your server which dishes are accompanied with the foraged foods from the farm.

5. Sample a dish with honey. Jeff Rabinowitz is the beekeeper at Blackberry Farm and is extremely proud of the high-quality honey production here. He says the source for nectar during harvest comes from the tulip popular trees, wild flowers and sourwood trees on property. Rabinowitz says these varieties give the honey a delicate flavor with light amber hues. The surwood honey is considered the best tasting and has a sweet, spicy aroma and pleasant aftertaste. All varieties of honey are served from time to time with dishes at The Barn. Be sure to ask your server which dish is best paired with honey.

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