What is the cheese course like at The Barn at Blackberry Farm?

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The cheese course at The Barn is offered on the dessert menu, where you can choose from two artisanal cheeses. An important way to distinguish its cheeses, which are produced at the farm, is the type of rennet used. The Trefoil variety is vegetable rennet, while the other cheeses are made with veal rennet. The sheep’s milk cheeses produced on the farm also change with the seasons. 

According to the cheese-making team that produces the tasty varieties offered at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant, Brebis, which has a rich and supple texture, and Trefoil , which finishes with a slightly meaty aftertaste, are spring cheeses. Blackberry Blue cheese is produced during the summer months and tends to be sharp and salty. As summer comes to an end, the farm produces a hard cheese aged for a least 120 days called the Singing Brook. This cheese has a complex caramel richness. Each cheese and the way it tastes reflect the pasture at the point in time when it was produced.

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