What is the food presentation like at The Barn at Blackberry Farm?

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Excellent customer service is taken very seriously at The Barn at Blackberry Farm. Each staff member undergoes extensive training to ensure that you’ll have the best possible dining experience.

Upon arrival to The Barn, you’ll be greeted by a warm and friendly host.  He or she is happy to check your coat (if needed) and seat you and your party at your dining room table or at the bar.

Each dining table is assigned a front waiter and a back waiter dressed in a black, classic-looking suit. The front waiter will present the multi-course menus to you remains your main contact with the kitchen. The back waiter assists the front waiter by retrieving food from the kitchen and presenting it to your table.  Other kitchen staff of the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant may also bring dishes table on occasion. The purpose of these servers is to ensure that you receive the best possible service at The Barn.

Blackberry also has a team of wine sommeliers led by Andy Chabot. Feel free to ask them to help navigate the restaurant’s extensive wine list.

Your visit to The Barn ends when the host thanks you for visiting and helps escort you to your vehicle.

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