What galleries are there at CityCenter?

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To see some art at CityCenter — aside from the sculptures, installations and other works that fill the complex’s public areas — head to the Gallery at CityCenter in the Crystals shopping district. The 4,350-square-foot facility houses work by world-famous glass master Dave Chihuly. His colorful, large-than-life sculptures will catch your eye through the gallery’s large front windows. You won’t miss the Nuutajarvi installation, with its forest of tall, bright turquoise spears that appear to be growing out of a mess of birch logs. The Lime Green Icicle Tower is another a standout, a 15-foot-tall cluster of pointy glass “icicles” in brilliant yellow and lime-green hues. Chihuly’s drawings and prints also are on display at the gallery, but the gigantic hand-blown glass creations steal the spotlight. 

Nancy Nitsche

Gallery Row at CityCenter showcases the Art of Richard MacDonald presented by Cirque du Soleil the Wilderness Collections from acclaimed Master Photographer Rodney Lough Jr. Here you will also find The GALLERY featuring world-renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly as well as CENTERpiece, focusing on contemporary art and unique design objects. Although not housed in a gallery, the CityCenter Fine Art collection is also a great offering to art enthusiasts, and is the first major permanent collection of art in Las Vegas.

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