What are the five best things about by Cirque du Soleil?

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There is so much to love about by Cirque du Soleil. It really is a feast for your senses — you’ll see and hear so many amazing things that will leave you feeling inspired (and you’ll want to start taking acrobatic classes right away). This visually stunning performance will leave you in awe. But to get you pumped before you go, here are our five best things we liked about this show:

1. The acrobatics are amazing. Throughout the course of the performance, you’ll see jaw-dropping stunts, martial arts and acrobatics performed by some of the most muscular performers you’ve seen. You’ll leave wondering how these performers can contort their bodies in such ways and have so much strength to zip around the moving sets and dangle from trapezes.

2. The costumes are colorful and ornate. The beautiful and exotic costumes are enough to keep your eyes occupied — bright colors, lavish details, tons of sparkling glitter and makeup will make you want to be a performer yourself.

3. The music is empowering and captivating. You’ll be so engulfed in the melodic and powerful music that goes along with each and every scene that you’ll think there’s a speaker in your seat. Well, that’s because, there is actually a speaker within each headrest, so the sound effects will feel even more real. The music and sound effects are as interesting to listen to as it is to watch the performance unraveling before your eyes.

4. The set is incredible. The set itself almost takes on a character of it’s own as it moves and takes a different shape for almost every scene. You’ll be mesmerized as the stage changes from horizontal to vertical to being a capsizing boat and then just a trapeze. There is always something fascinating to look at — it’s hard to choose one thing to watch, as the action takes places off the stage as well. So be sure to pay attention and take it all in.

5. The ushers and staff are dressed up “in character” as well. Once you step foot into the Theatre, you’ll be greeted by staff members dressed up like the characters seen throughout the performance. Immediately, you’ll feel the excitement of the show. The ushers will take you to your seats and any chatter you have with them might be a little out of the ordinary, because they are part of the performance and part of the fascinating world. Part of the performance takes place out in the audience, with performers moving to the stage, so you’ll get an up-close look at the makeup and costumes, which will leave you even more amazed.

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