What is by Cirque du Soleil about?

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by Cirque du Soleil follows two twins on a crazy journey to fulfill their destiny. Throughout the course of the show, these two young twins are faced with many obstacles that pull them away from each other and introduce them to a cast of characters that represent both good and evil. There are touching moments throughout as each twin gains a magical talisman to protect them. With a mix of special events, colorful and ornate costumes, insane acrobatics, trapeze acts and an amazing movable set, you’ll follow these two young’uns on an epic journey. There’s a playful scene on a beach where one of the twins runs into animals, such as a starfish, centipede, crab and turtle, which are performed by people in costumes, but with their lifelike animal movements, you’ll be amazed by how they can contort their bodies as the actual animals do. In another jaw-dropping scene, a trapeze act will leave you amazed by the strength of the performers and their ability to complete such crazy acrobatic stunts. The innovative set is almost a character in itself, as it transforms throughout the acts. One fascinating scene to watch is when the stage itself becomes vertical and the performers are running up and down it. In another scene on stage, performers cling to a capsizing boat during a storm, which looks incredible real. Along with the loud music, you’ll be pulled into the show and feel as if you’re a part of all the action.

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