What is the dress code at Surrender at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas?

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At Surrender at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, surrender yourself to a nightclub scene that’s an upscale environment with international DJs and a stylish dress code. With that in mind, don’t find yourself left out on the dance floor or behind the velvet rope — the dress code at Surrender is strictly enforced. You won’t get past with baggy clothing, sandals, hats or shorts.
With a sexy dress and heels, ladies will never have a problem getting in to Surrender at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Encore. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t be taking off your shoes in the club or in the casino, so make sure you’ve broken in those Jimmy Choos before you arrive. Experienced clubbers carry a slim pair of flip flops in a clutch, or leave them in the car. You’ll also see the largest gathering of micro-skirts and five-inch stilettos in Vegas at Surrender — be the one who gets around (and isn’t seen dipping her sore feet in the shallow end of the pool) with the versatile three-inch wedge heel for extra balance. As for your clothes, you’re vacationing in Vegas after all and competing for attention with thousands of girls in skin-tight sequins, so this is the place to go ahead and splurge on that hot designer dress you’ve always wanted but never knew where you’d wear it.
For the guys, untucked collared shirts are a standard, so change it up with a different patterned shirt, a nice sports coat or a skinny tie. Nice jeans always work, as long as they look stylish and aren’t baggy. In terms of shoes, you’re always safe with leather. The most common mistake men make: getting too casual. Clean it up — better safe than sorry; you don’t want to be turned away at the door with the Jersey Shore look. Upscale clubs like Surrender at the Encore don’t bend the rules, and you’d rather be walking in with friends and dancing with the ladies than out waiting by the bar.

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