What words best describe ARIA Resort & Casino's style?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

If we had to describe the style of ARIA Resort & Spa in five words, here are the ones we would choose:

1. Modern. ARIA’s modern and contemporary look only matches its recent blossoming on the Strip. You’ll find a sleek, stylish design throughout the hotel as well as within the guest rooms.

2. Spacious. With plenty of open spaces throughout the property, you won’t find yourself crammed in with the crowd.

3. Comfortable. The design of the hotel is luxurious but comfortable. You’ll be able to relax and have a good time here and all the furnishings and amenities help to make your stay incredibly pleasant.

4. Clean. Open spaces, sleek design and the fact that the property is new all make for a clean and fresh ambience.

5. Luxurious. The look and feel of the hotel is luxurious and you’ll find upscale touches with the amenities, décor and furnishings.

Nancy Nitsche

While there are a wealth of appropriate ways to describe the breathtaking beauty of ARIA Resort & Casino, the five best words would be modern, luxurious, inspiring, energetic and innovative.

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