What is in the mini-bar at ARIA Resort & Casino?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The rooms at ARIA Resort & Casino come with well-stocked mini-bars. Each one is filled with candy like gummy bears and Milky Ways, as well as salty snacks like Pringles. You have even more options in the beverage department, what with Red Bull, Grey Goose vodka, Bombay Sapphire gin, water, orange juice and bottles of all the standard Coca-Cola sodas filling the shelves. A disposable camera is also tucked inside the mini-bar, in case you find yourself without a digital model.

But when you peruse the options, beware: The mini-bar is wired with sensors, and if you pick up a soda to take a look, you’ll be charged after 30 seconds. That means the mini-fridge isn’t the best place to hold last night’s leftovers. Just above the fridge, there are other snacks like pistachios and cashews. You’ll also see some non-edible treats there — a cord kit containing all kinds of connectors and wires. It’s a for-charge amenity, but it’s especially helpful if you forgot any important connections at home.

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