Which shops are located near ARIA Resort & Casino?

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Slot machines aren't the only things you’ll be reaching into your wallet for during your stay at ARIA Resort & Casino. With the sheer amount of designer shops surrounding the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel, you certainly won't return home empty-handed. Hop on the ARIA Express and head to Crystals, a high-end shopping district lined with designer stores like Prada and Gucci and featuring a stunning architectural exterior. You can find similar brands at Bellagio, which is located right next door to ARIA and holds stores like Chanel and Fendi.

Nancy Nitsche

ARIA is home to a handful of exquisite stores such as Papillon, which has purses and accessories; Terrene, the women's clothing boutique; ARIA Men's featuring an assortment of men's wear; Radiance high-end jewelry store; and Elements, which has all your ARIA logo items and last-minute sundries.

Connected to ARIA, Crystals is home to many renowned retailers including Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Robert Cavalli and more.

ARIA Resort & Casino's next-door neighbor, Bellagio, also houses an array of upscale retail. Fendi, Gucci, Chanel and many more of the world's most elite fashion brands are represented.

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