What can the concierge at Vdara Hotel & Spa do for me?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

The concierge staff at Vdara Hotel & Spa is happy to help you book any and all kinds of reservations at nearby destinations and attractions. Whether you’re simply looking for dinner reservations or looking to book a helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon (that’s honestly an option, and one we’d recommend), the concierge staff will happily arrange your plans. They’ve even been known to book belly dancing acts, so we’re sure that the staff at this Las Vegas hotel won’t find any request too strange or extravagant. And while what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, you’ll still have to stay within the realms of legality — but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little crazy with your requests to the concierge.

Hakan Kalinov

The concierge at Vdara is dedicated to making your experience extraordinary, with an unsurpassed level of customized service and personalized attention. Our concierge staff can assist with anything from show and restaurant reservations, to travel arrangements and sightseeing tours, to getting you first in line for any Las Vegas entertainment options.

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