Does Andrea’s offer wine pairings?

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Hayley Bosch

Though it may be an innovative concept in combining dining and nightlife, Andrea’s doesn’t offer your typical wine pairings. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t pairings to be had. Whether you chat with sommelier Stephanie Torres or take it upon yourself to look at the interactive libation menu, you can certainly pair each dish with a memorable glass of vino.
When you sit down, your server will bring over an iPad that’s loaded with Andrea’s long list of wine, beer and spirits. Navigate to the wine pairing tab and you’ll find several options for each type of dish. Perhaps you order a pork dish; you’ll be presented with one white wine and two reds. Beef, meanwhile, is served up with four red wines. And if you’re chowing down on poultry — maybe the Jidori chicken breast with horseradish spaetzle, pickled chanterelles and lemon chicken jus — you’ll have the option of one red, one rosé and one white. As for the seafood pairing, which you’ll more than likely take advantage of during dinner, you’ll have two whites, one red and one sake.
If you have any questions regarding the wine pairings, Torres will be more than happy to guide you through it — but we have to admit that it’s kind of nice to play sommelier with the interactive menu.

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