Is Andrea’s a good place for group dining?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Hayley Bosch

Whether you have a group of four or 10, Andrea’s is a great place for dinner. Throughout the open dining room, there are plenty of large booths, as well as tables that could easily be pushed together. And while there aren’t any private dining rooms at Andrea’s per se, seven private enclaves line one side of the dining room. These are great for smaller groups wanting a bit more privacy.
Aside from the plethora of seating options for your group, chef Joseph Elevado designed the menu at Andrea’s to be shareable. Yes, there are plenty of dishes you’ll want to keep for yourself, but most are thoroughly enjoyed when you order family style. You can keep your group happy by ordering a cornucopia of Asian-inspired items, or simply a few of the same dishes for everyone to try. And if you plan to head next door to Surrender after dinner, start early with bottle service for your group.

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