What are the best things to order at Andrea’s?

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Hayley Bosch

Dinner at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas’ Andrea’s is more than a treat. And if we had our way, we’d indulge in just about everything on the extensive menu. Alas, someone has to narrow down the list to five, and our Forbes Travel Guide editors are more than happy to take on that task. Here are the five best things to order at Andrea’s:
1. Hamachi. It’s in the “table shares” section of the menu, but you’ll want to keep this appetizer for yourself. The thinly sliced yellowtail is topped with crispy garlic, pickled cherry pepper, cilantro and sudachi soy. The fish is fresh and the saltiness of the crispy garlic chip adds the perfect complement.
2. Wagyu beef sliders. Another appetizer makes our list simply because these little sliders are just irresistible. The tenderness of the Wagyu beef pairs dynamically with aged cheddar and shoestring potatoes on a King’s Hawaiian roll.
3. Saikyo miso black cod. The buttery fish takes on a caramel flavor when smothered in miso. It’s rich and light at the same time, making for a divine entrée. The black cod is served with crispy eggplant and mitsuba (Japanese wild parsley).
4. Five spice garlic lobster. This flavorful entrée dons a light tempura coating, while the garlic adds a nice little kick. Served with long beans and jalapeño, the five spice garlic lobster is a nice change from your standard butter-poached lobster.
5. Special cucumber roll. It’s one of the handful of specialty rolls on Andrea’s sushi menu, and trust us, it’s special. Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, king crab and avocado are wrapped inside a crisp cucumber — as opposed to the typical seaweed and rice combination. The roll is topped with eel sauce and spicy sesame dressing.

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