What is the price range for a meal at Andrea’s?

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Hayley Bosch

As Andrea’s is a dinner-only restaurant in the glamorous Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, you can expect to pay a pretty penny for your Asian-inspired meal. When designing the menu, chef Joseph Elevado wanted to make the focus on shareable dishes, so just about anything on the menu can be split. The nice thing about ordering family style is that you can try a lot of different things without necessarily ordering an appetizer, entrée and dessert for every single person in your party. That being said, if you have a smaller group, you may end up ordering a few appetizers to share and that could be your meal.
Appetizers — or “table shares,” as they’re designated on the menu — run from $10 for the addictive shishito peppers to as much as $26 for the Wagyu beef tataki. There’s also a seafood-platter option, which comes with oysters, king crab legs, bigeye tuna “poke,” slow-poached prawns, marinated bay scallops and Maine lobster; there are two sizes for $49 and $95, respectively. You can also chow down on dim sum, which hovers between $12 and $13 for four pieces. Soups and salads can be anywhere from $9 for a cup of miso soup to $22 for the chili mint duck confit salad.
The appetizers are great to share; soups and salads, you’ll probably keep for yourself. But the real family style comes in with the fish, meat and noodles. These large entrées can be as little as $22 for vegetable and egg fried rice or as much as $65 for the eight-ounce Wagyu rib cap. For two people, we suggest ordering one protein dish and an order of rice or noodles to go alongside that — and appetizers, of course. You can also order sides if you prefer just the protein sans the rice or noodle dishes; these clock in at $12.
And being an Asian-centric restaurant, you can bet there are plenty of sushi rolls on the menu; you’ll have the option of specialty or classic rolls. This is something you definitely want to share. The specialty rolls — think shrimp tempura and spicy tuna with avocado, mango, gobo fry and eel sauce in a roll of deliciousness, or a Wagyu beef and lobster roll with asparagus, parsley purée and lobster aioli — can be anywhere from $21 to $40, while the classic rolls are between $8 and $16. The hand roll versions of the classic rolls are cheaper.
If after all that, you still have room for dessert (and you should plan on leaving room), there are some sweet treats on the menu. You can taste any three desserts for just $12 or opt for the mini ice cream cone sampler (three flavors for $12 or eight for $28). When all’s said and done, you can count on a check being around $100 per person, assuming you pair this delicious cuisine with a libation.

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