Are there any special views at Aureole Las Vegas?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

To say that the Aureole Las Vegas offers special views is an understatement. The most striking feature of the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant is its one-of-a-kind wine tower, which shoots four stories up from the center of the main dining room. The dazzling steel-and-glass structure holds about 10,000 bottles of wine — the largest selection in Las Vegas. Slinky black-catsuit-wearing “wine angels” will mesmerize you as they fly up and down the tower to retrieve bottles and perform acrobatic stunts in their harnesses. Luckily, most tables provide a view the wine angels scaling the tower, Mission: Impossible style.

For a less showy scene, head to the Mandalay Bay restaurant’s “Swan Court.” There, you’ll be treated to a special view of the terrace and swan-filled lagoon set amid the palm trees. The court has an airy, open feel, despite being encased in glass in the restaurant’s rear. It’s probably only place in Vegas where you can nosh on grilled swordfish while watching swans.

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