Does B&B Ristorante offer special bread and butter service?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

One of chef Mario Batali’s favorite parts of Italian food culture comes in the bread served at B&B Ristorante; the bread recipe comes from Puglia, and you won’t see olive oil, balsamic vinegar or butter with the bread. Instead, Batali wants you to see the bread the same way he does: as a vehicle and tool for your food. The filone bread was originally designed to have a crispy, double-baked crust that maintained a moist and airy inside, as the rolls were often kept for weeks in the mountains and only sliced when they were about to be eaten. The recipe has been specially adapted to deal with the Las Vegas desert environment; for you, that translates to a bread with a simultaneous crisp outside and moist inside that’s perfect for sopping up every sauce and transporting every last morsel of your meal at B&B Ristorante to your mouth.

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