What are five things I should know about B&B Ristorante?

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There’s plenty to know (and love) about B&B Ristorante, located inside The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino. Here are the five things you need to know about this Forbes Travel Guide recommended Italian restaurant:
1. The music. Celebrity chef Mario Batali personally creates the playlists in his restaurants to help set an atmosphere that differs from those found in competing eateries. Batali favors upbeat rock playlists at B&B Ristorante, which makes for a somewhat atypical (but welcomed) soundtrack to your Italian feast.

2. Tasting menus. This Las Vegas restaurant offers two different tasting menus: The pasta option takes you through a thematic tour of all things noodle, while the regional tasting menu gives you a snapshot of cuisine typically found in one specific region of Italy. When our editors last dined at B&B, the tasting menus focused on heirloom tomatoes and the southern Italian region of Calabria, respectively.

3. Italian-only wines. Though it might seem limiting, the list at B&B exclusively features Italian wines. This philosophy allows the restaurant to fully explore and focus on the diverse range of wines produced throughout the country, which means you’ll have the opportunity to savor a number of regional and rare wines you won’t find anywhere else.

4. Seasonality. B&B heavily emphasizes the usage of fresh ingredients in its cuisine, so the ever-changing menu is largely dictated by what’s in season.

5. Rich, but light. Even some of the richest dishes at B&B, such as bone marrow ravioli with osso buco ragu, are surprisingly light. Sure, the pasta was rich, but didn’t leave us feeling overly full; the same goes for grilled pork belly with heirloom tomatoes and arugula. B&B expertly strikes the difficult balance between flavor and richness in its innovative Italian cuisine.

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