What are the best things to order at B&B Ristorante?

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B&B Ristorante, the Italian restaurant inside The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino from Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich, serves up a traditional Italian menu with a wide variety of pastas, meats and vegetables. Here are the five items with think are best on the menu:

1. Grilled octopus. Octopus can be a tough (literally) dish, as overcooking can make it rubbery and unsavory. But B&B grills this octopus to perfection, served with fagioli marinate (marinated beans) and a spicy limoncello vinaigrette, making this one of the restaurant’s most loved items.

2. Bone marrow ravioli. Though it showcases a rich ingredient — bone marrow — and comes with an osso bucco ragu, the pasta is surprisingly light and not heavy or starchy.

3. Grilled pork belly. Again, the pork belly could easily be overwhelming, given the cut, but the heirloom tomatoes and arugula help make the dish taste surprisingly light and not nearly as heavy as you’d think.

4. Blueberry lemon thyme crostata. Served with a vanilla bean gelato, this flaky dessert combines sweet berries with tart lemon, balanced by the thyme.

5. Gelati. The housemade gelati flavors vary, though we tried the dark chocolate and strawberry varieties. You won’t be disappointed.

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