What is the chef at B&B Ristorante’s food philosophy?

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Executive chef Zach Allen and chef de cuisine Jason Neve keep things simple with their philosophy: If it’s not seasonal, it’s not in B&B Ristorante. The restaurant feels that’s the truest expression of authentic Italian food; for example, the caprese salad was only on the menu for four weeks total. In addition, the Las Vegas restaurant doesn’t waste any part of the proteins that it uses, so every part of the pigs, goats and lambs end up on the menu. B&B Ristorante was also one of the first green restaurants in Las Vegas, committed to organic and sustainable ingredients sourced from local farms whenever possible. For you, that means having the freshest ingredients at B&B Ristorante, which brings out the best flavors and makes for the best food imaginable.

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