What is the food presentation like at B&B Ristorante?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The food presentation at B&B Ristorante depends on which dish you ordered; most dishes, however, put functionality (that being taste) ahead of frills and garnishes. So while your dishes will appear clean and aesthetically pleasing, the greater emphasis goes into making each dish taste as best as possible. For example, the grilled octopus came with a “fagioli marinati,” or a number of different beans, with the beans scattered about the plate, and the octopus in the center of the dish with and herb garnish atop. But the grilled pork belly, for example, simply had the pork belly as the top layer, heirloom tomatoes beneath and a bed of arugula on the bottom. While simple, B&B Ristorante’s food presentation — such as layering components — allows flavors to mix in such a way as to accentuate one another, making your food taste fresh and vibrant.

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