What is the price range for a meal at B&B Ristorante?

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How much a dinner at B&B Ristorante costs you can really depend on what way you order; the Las Vegas restaurant offers its Italian cuisine à la carte — as part of a regional tasting menu — and in a pre-theater dinner menu. À la carte dishes are broken up into antipasti, primi, secondi and contorni, with antipasti ranging from $15 for the field greens, and up to $21 for the grilled octopus; the primi range from $25 for José’s pyramids with San Marzano passato, and up to $36 for the spaghettini with spicy budding chives, sweet garlic and one-pound lobster; secondi run from $35 for the spicy two-minute calamari to $115 for the lamb for two (serving two, of course). And sides, such as the charred sweet corn fregola will cost just $9 apiece.

The regional tasting menu, which rotates seasonally and showcases the cuisine of a given region of Italy, costs $120 per person, with wine pairings an additional $75 per person, and a “riserva selection” wine pairing for $115 per person.

If you’re in a hurry to see a show and don’t want to sacrifice a great meal, the pre-theater dinner includes three courses of antipasti, secondi and dolci (dessert) for just $49 per person, with unlimited glasses of the chef’s wine for just an additional $25. You’ll have to get to B&B between 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. to get in on the deal, however.

No matter which way you choose to dine, we think you’ll find your meal at B&B Ristorante well worth the price; the incorporation of seasonal ingredients in simple, delicious dishes will surely wow you, and the emphasis on authentic cuisine might even surprise the most seasoned veteran of Italian fare.

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