Is Delmonico Steakhouse a romantic restaurant?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

We think Delmonico Steakhouse is a romantic restaurant, as long as The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino or The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino aren’t hosting conventions. Convention-goers tend to flow into the Las Vegas restaurant during large events, so there might be more of hustle and bustle than you’d like on your romantic evening. But if romance is what you seek, the Las Vegas steakhouse can certainly accommodate. All it takes is reserving table 101, which is on the other side of the restaurant’s wine cellar and away from all the high-traffic areas. The increased privacy and added ambience of the wine cellar create your own private dining space that lets you enjoy Delmonico’s creole-influenced cuisine in peace. And for a more relaxed beginning to your meal, be sure to check out Delmonico’s lounge area — you really can’t miss it — where low-set chairs and an open space make for great conversation.

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