What are the best things to order at Julian Serrano?

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At Julian Serrano, it’s all about food, flavor and beautiful presentation. The Las Vegas restaurant definitely hits the mark — and delivers splendidly — on all three of these qualities. But the authentic Spanish tapas plates are where the Forbes Travel Guide Four Star restaurant really soars above and beyond, especially with these favorites on the menu:

1. The huevos estrellados. If you’re craving something a bit salty or if you find yourself in the mood for something breakfast-esque, try the huevos estrellados, a savory mix of eggs, potatoes and imported Spanish chorizo.

2. The paella. A staple in authentic Spanish cuisine that combines rice, vegetables, chicken or seafood, the restaurant’s signature paella dish is the perfect way to sample Julian Serrano’s take on this timeless European classic.

3. The ham. An absolute must during your dining experience at Julian Serrano is the imported Spanish “Pata Negra” ham, which is carefully carved off a leg in the kitchen and served with savory garlic tomato sauce.

4. The buñuelos. Satisfy your sweet tooth with an order of buñuelos, a delicacy made up of fried dough balls that has been enjoyed for many years as a snack all over Spain.

5. The white ceviche. Dubbed a “chef’s favorite,” the white ceviche is made up of white fish, red onion, rocoto pepper, cilantro and lime juice. It’s the one dish you can’t miss out on at Julian Serrano.

Stewart Patchefsky

The Huevos Estrellados are one of our most popular dishes as well as a personal favorite. The Chicken Croquetas are a must for any traditional tapas lover, while the Tuna-Raspberry Skewers and Lobster Gazpacho are playful new specialties that are on the top of everyone'€™s list. And of course, no meal at Julian Serrano would be complete without an order of the Mixed Paella.

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