What are the desserts like at Julian Serrano?

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Julian Serrano’s desserts are Spanish-influenced with a unique twist. If your sweet tooth has you in the mood for something sugary, indulge in the buñuelos (deep-fried Spanish doughnuts) served with spicy hot chocolate. Or try a slice of heaven with a piece of the molten chocolate cake topped off with orange jelly and blood orange ice cream. At $8 a pop, not only are these desserts the perfect way to end your meal at the Forbes Travel Guide Four Star restaurant, they are also light on the wallet.

Stewart Patchefsky

The Dessert Menu features a handful of traditional Spanish desserts prepared with a creative twist. Dessert favorites include Churros with Spicy Hot Chocolate and Buñuelos (Spanish doughnuts) with Butterscotch Caramel.

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