What is the interior design of Julian Serrano?

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Almost as delicious and unique as its innovative cuisine, the interior design at Julian Serrano is one that even the most seasoned foodie won’t soon forget. Infused with authentic Spanish flavor and modern elements, the energetic and lively décor boasts an array of colorful tiles that form vertical stripes on the walls. A long, sleek bar that curves around the majority of the space serves delicious signature cocktails for thirsty guests of the Forbes Travel Guide Four Star restaurant. 

Stewart Patchefsky

Designed by Gente de Valor, Julian Serrano captures the convivial social energy of Spain’s tapas bars with its vibrant colors and imaginative patio setting. Interconnecting the restaurant’s open floor plan, a serpentine bar of European walnut stretches from the seafood lounge, through the central bar area, to the tapas bar. Beyond the tapas bar, a formal dining room breaks with the patio décor, but continues the design scheme with an abstract play on Spanish architecture.

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