Does Sage offer any special gifts from the chef?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Dining at Las Vegas’s Sage is a gift in and of itself, but yes, you will receive a special edible present from chef Shawn McClain's kitchen during the course of your meal. The treats begin at the bar; before enjoying a cocktail, you’ll likely receive a pink lemonade palate cleanser to get you into the drinking spirit. Then, once you make your way to the main dining room, you’ll begin your dinner with a complimentary amuse-bouche, likely a small glass filled with white bean gazpacho or you might even get a single oyster or a spoonful of tuna tartare. At the end of the meal, meanwhile, you’ll be treated to a cup of hot chocolate soup, either composed of milk chocolate flavored with Earl Grey tea or fresh rosemary, or even white chocolate with mint and coconut. On the dessert menu, you’ll find a sweet finale to a very sweet repast at Sage, indeed.

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