What are the five best things to order at Sage?

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Sage prides itself on offering a sustainable menu of seasonal ingredients, so the menu at the Las Vegas restaurant changes rather frequently. Here are five dishes that stood out from our most recent meal:
1. The pork loin. If you’re in the mood for meat but don’t want to feel stuffed afterwards, go for a lighter option and try the Ibérico pork loin, complete with crispy pork shoulder, spaetzle and creminelli mortadella. It’s perfectly tender and wholly delicious.

2. The foie gras custard brûlée. For a unique take on a typically elegant offering, order the foie gras custard brûlée for an appetizer. This dish is the perfect marriage of sweet and savory and features cherry mostarda along with slices of buttery, salty brioche.

3. Maine day boat scallops. Another of the restaurant’s signature dishes, this entrée pairs sweet and tender scallops with braised oxtail, wild mushrooms and a salted caramel reduction.

4. Slow-poached organic farm egg. If you’re a vegetarian or just want a lighter appetizer that still tastes delicious and decadent, try the slow poached egg, served with smoked potato and plenty of truffles and bread to soak it all up.

5. Absinthe. Time your dinner so you can enjoy one of the inventive housemade cocktails or, better yet, a glass of absinthe at the large bar and lounge area before settling down for a modern farm dinner. Letting loose is practically a requirement in Las Vegas, and Sage’s impressive absinthe menu (which includes unique options like Le Tourment Vert from France, Leopold Brothers’ Absinthe Verte from Colorado and Obsello Absinthe Verte from Spain) will ease you into a fun night in Sin City.

Stewart Patchefsky

Foie gras custard brûlée, slow-poached organic farm egg, roasted day boat scallops, Yukon Gold potato gnocchi and braised veal cheeks.

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