What is the food presentation like at Sage?

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Food presentation at Sage is much like the cuisine itself: elegant and contemporary while devoid of a phalanx of sauces and garnishes. As is the fashion for innovative farm-to-table cuisine, you’ll find whispers of foams here and there, along with perfectly trimmed vegetables under light glazes of sauce. Many of the appetizers also come with small pieces of brioche resting on the rim of the plate, so you can soak up your foie gras brûlée or your truffle-scented egg with a bit of bread. Most meats, fish and pasta entrées will command center stage in their bowls or on their plates, with garnishes peeping out from below. With desserts, too, expect deconstructed tarts served with dabs of gelée and quenelles of ice cream and sorbet. At Sage, the plating and food presentation are always a feast for the eyes.

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