Are there any signature desserts at Twist by Pierre Gagnaire?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

To say that Twist by Pierre Gagnaire has a signature dessert would be putting things lightly; in fact, the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant’s signature dessert is a multi-dish affair, taking you on a tour of all things sweet. When we had dinner at Twist, the Grand Dessert Pierre Gagnaire included five sections. The Amelie was a trio of green tea opaline, lemongrass ganache and glace royale citron affair; Plums combined caramelized plums with red currant gelée and brandy ice cream; Apple Royale included cinnamon Gala apples, green apple-lime granité and cinnamon syrup; Roma brought parmesan sable, ginger confit, mascarpone cream, fresh figs and pistachios; and Biscuit Chocolate Rue Balzac included chocolate glaze, banana-lime coulis and mojito sorbet. 

There are a lot of components, even for five individual dishes, but we’ll say this: The Grand Dessert Pierre Gagnaire was wonderful in every way. We particularly loved the Amelie — the green tea opaline burst with more flavor than we anticipated.

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