How do I get to Twist by Pierre Gagnaire?

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You’ll have to go to great lengths (heights, actually) to get to Twist by Pierre Gagnaire; the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant sits on the 23rd floor of Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas, where you’ll find the hotel’s Sky Lobby. Once you enter the hotel complex’s front entrance, head to the elevator. It has just a few buttons to choose from, of course, one of them being the Sky Lounge. From there, shoot up to the 23rd floor. When you exit the elevator, you’ll see the main desk on your left.

Once you’re facing the desk, you’ll have a bar and lounge on your right side, with a long corridor with black marble floors on your left — this is the path to Twist by Pierre Gagnaire. Soft candlelight illuminates the hall, and once you enter the restaurant, a hostess will greet you. The wine cooler rests above the entrance, which you’ll be able to ogle through the glass walls upstairs, with the bar immediately to your right and the main dining room ahead of you. Being on a high floor also gives you a spectacular view of the Las Vegas Strip; most of your vista will be across City Center Drive or the rest of the City Center complex, as well as across the street of Planet Hollywood and the rest of the central/southern end of the Strip.

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