What are five things I should know about Twist by Pierre Gagnaire?

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When you’re dealing with a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant like Twist by Pierre Gagnaire, there’s a world of things to know — it takes hard work and plenty of exquisite details to earn that coveted Forbes Travel Guide rating. Here are the five things we think you need to know about Twist.
1. Location. The Five-Star restaurant sits on the 23rd floor of the fantastic Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas. The Five-Star hotel has its own distinct style and approach to service, and you can get a feel for that the moment you step out of the elevators and into the Sky Lobby on the 23rd floor. That perch affords you incredible views of the Las Vegas Strip through Twist’s floor-to-ceiling windows.

2. Pierre Gagnaire. Twist by Pierre Gagnaire is the renowned French chef’s first foray into the United States, and that alone brought plenty of fanfare. Gagnaire and his chef de cuisine, Ryuki Kawasaki, more than lived up to the hype, earning a coveted Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star rating in 2012.

3. Fusion. Be prepared to have all your senses engaged during a meal at Twist by Pierre Gagnaire — this isn’t just a restaurant that serves delicious food, but one that challenges your conceptions about cuisine, from the preparation to the presentation. Haute cuisine, avant-garde, concept food — whatever you want to call it, just know that your experience will be a sensory journey as well as a meal.

4. Seasonality. Twist by Pierre Gagnaire offers a special menu that epitomizes the freshest ingredients from each season plus à la carte dishes, such as “Spring in Oregon,” which included courses with such vernal delights as fresh morel mushrooms braised in Oregon sweet wine and King crab with Oregon asparagus.

5. Tasting menus. You can order à la carte at Twist, but we’d suggest that you opt for either the three-course tasting menu for $105 or the six-course tasting menu for $189. Prepare for your mind and palate to be dazzled as course after course of surprises come your way, with multiple stages to almost every dish.

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