What are the desserts like at Twist by Pierre Gagnaire?

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Desserts at Twist by Pierre Gagnaire vary with the seasons, but as a general rule, you can count on the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant offering you a bevy of different dishes that incorporate seasonal fruits, while finishing with a touch of chocolate. Not bad, if you’ve got a sweet tooth and enjoy the finer things. When we ate at Twist by Pierre Gagnaire, we opted for the grand dessert Pierre Gagnaire, which includes five small sweets served in succession. Our favorite was the Amelie, though the Plums, made of caramelized plums, red currant gelée and brandy ice cream stood out as well. And of course, the ultimate Biscuit Chocolate Rue Balzac wrapped things up with a chocolate glaze, banana-lime coulis and a mojito sorbet. The tiered dessert comes from Gagnaire’s restaurant in Paris and may vary with the season; in the autumn, it’s served five ways, while the summer menu includes six dishes. If this sounds like a sugar overload, order desserts à la carte or on the spirit menu, Twist by Pierre Gagnaire’s most current seasonal offerings.

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