What is the cancellation policy at Twist by Pierre Gagnaire?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

As far as cancellation policies go, you won’t find any more accommodating than the one at Twist by Pierre Gagnaire. Keeping in line with its home base, Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas, the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant doesn’t require any fees, even if you cancel. The restaurant does, however, ask you to have consideration for other diners who wish to experience the fusion cuisine, so it lays out a few guidelines.

The restaurant requests that you cancel your reservation at least six hours before your scheduled time, though again, you won’t be charged for backing out. And for large parties that book the private room, you’re asked to give at least 12 hours’ advance notice; should you do so, you’ll be issued a gift certificate for whatever balance you may have had. This is one of the most generous cancellation policies you’ll find at any restaurant in Las Vegas, especially one of Twist by Pierre Gagnaire’s caliber.

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