What is the service like at Twist by Pierre Gagnaire?

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Expect nothing less than smooth and efficient service at Twist by Pierre Gagnaire. Servers don all-black outfits, floating about the room with care and precision. Even if you get up to use the restroom during your meal, a staff member will likely accompany you to the door. And when you return, you’ll find a fresh, carefully folded napkin awaiting you at the table. These may seem like small details, but the quality of service at Twist can’t be overstated; the minutiae make the difference, and in large part, helped the Las Vegas restaurant earn a coveted Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star rating.

Laura Janelle Downey

The service at Twist is top notch. After dinner, the sommelier asked me if I would like to take a tour of their wine cellar. When you're at your table, if you look up, you'll notice the glass-enclosed space that houses the many wines. It was an extra special touch to have a professional escort me and my guest upstairs to get an overview of the wines offered at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant.

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  • Laura Downey, Chicago, IL, USA
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