What are the best food experiences in Lima?

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Narrowing down the best food experiences in Lima, a place where many unexpected cultural influences combine to create a cuisine that’s all its own, is a difficult task.  Here are our picks for some of the best food experiences in the Peruvian capital you should try before heading home.
1. A pisco sour. Chile and Peru can fight over who is responsible for creating this beverage, but the fact is that making one properly (not too syrupy sweet with a reasonable amount of egg whites) can be difficult. Fortunately, Lima is a great place to get a taste of the classic drink, and Pisco Bar is a good place to find one. Stick to the classic recipe or sample one of the more than 50 varieties of the classic drink.  
2. Traditional Peruvian food, family-style. A landmark of the neighborhood, El Tio Mario has been in Lima’s Barranco area since the 1980s, when it was just a street cart selling local recipes. Dig into family-style portions (in other words, huge) of local delicacies, including anticuchos, ají-smothered beef heart on skewers.
3. Late-night tacos. Stop at local restaurant Super Rueda and join the throngs of late-night revelers queuing up for crispy empanadas, seafood tacos, and fresh-squeezed juice. If you’re not much of a night owl, you can have the same experience in the daylight by stopping in for lunch.
4. Fresh seafood. Visit Punto Azul, which is open for lunch and lunch alone, but serves the the best seafood in Lima. The menu features grilled fish, lobsters and more, sometimes all combined in dishes like ceviche, causa and tiradito.

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