What are the five best amenities at Hotel Bel-Air?

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Hotel Bel-Air has some famous amenities that have gained notoriety in their own right. Perhaps you’ve heard some buzz about these:
1. The famous oval-shaped pool. Countless celebrities have sunbathed around the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel's pool or posed here for photo shoots. It’s a divine spot to soak up the California sunshine.
2. The lounge at Hotel Bel-Air. It’s a glam space with Art Deco lighting, a leather- topped bar, and a great local watering hole vibe.
3. The spa. Hotel Bel-Air Spa by La Prairie is exquisite. Treatments carry high tariffs but they deliver excellent results. An editor called one of their facials “transformative” and this inspector’s massage was one for the books.
4. The outdoor space. You can’t mention this Los Angeles hotel without referencing the iconic grounds. The hotel’s recent facelift (a two-year revamp) included a major renovation of the gardens. Large oaks were even taken out, tended to and then replanted and upgrades were made to ensure that Swan Lake stays as lovely as ever.
5. Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air is the place to see and be seen. We saw a couple of bigwigs on our last visit and pretended to focus on eating our salad while eavesdropping on the conversation about an A-list star taking place at the next table. The outdoor space is magical — and where most of the dining takes place. The garden alcoves overlooking Swan Lake  — where former First Lady Nancy Reagan used to lunch (there’s a salad named after her)  — are private and plush. 

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