What are the five best things to eat and drink at Montage Beverly Hills?

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Whether you're in the mood for rustic Italian or refreshing California cuisine, Montage Beverly Hills will deliver a satisfying meal. But before you make any dining decisions, here are our picks for the five best things to eat and drink at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel:

1. Bread basket at Scarpetta. Usually we say skip the bread and save your appetite, but you will want to make room for the rolls at this Four-Star restaurant. Choose among four different kinds of bread: stromboli with basil, cherry tomato, salami and smoked mozzarella; whole wheat focaccia; ciabattini; and Italian filone. Then dip your roll in olive oil or slather it with mascarpone butter or sun-dried tomato butter. It's all so delicious, you might be tempted to fill up on the bread, but remember — your pasta is coming?

2. Spaghetti with tomato and basil at Scarpetta. It's a simple dish with only a few ingredients, but the pure flavors make it a classic Italian meal.

3. Vanilla-caramel budino at Scarpetta. This super-rich Italian pudding comes with a cup of chocolate cookies, a balanced sweet-and-salty end to your meal.

4. 90210 cobb at The Conservatory Grill. This salad makes for a breezy California lunch up on the rooftop overlooking the pool and the Hollywood Hills. Tossed with turkey, avocado, egg, bacon, tomatoes and blue cheese, it's fresh and filling.

5. Local halibut tacos at The Conservatory Grill. Another healthy choice for lunch or a between-swim snack, this regional specialty dresses up halibut with lime slaw, avocado, Cotija cheese and a tasty tomatillo salsa.

We think the five best things to eat and drink at Montage Beverly Hills are:

1. Spaghetti from Scarpetta.

2. Creamy polenta from Scarpetta.

3. Crab Louis lettuce wraps from The Conservatory Grill.

4. Halibut tacos from The Conservatory Grill.

5. Expert mixologists at £10 can put together a drink based on anyone's preferences that is bound to be a favorite.

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