What can the concierge at Montage Beverly Hills do for me?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

The concierges at Montage Beverly Hills can do pretty much everything; we've put them through test after test and they always surpass expectations. The concierge staff is always up on what to do in Beverly Hills and will earnestly provide recommendations, book reservations and make appointments to ensure you have the best experience possible while in town. If you need to know where the nearest drugstore is, the concierge can help. If you want a hard-to-get reservation at Spago because you heard about the unbelievable chopped salad, the concierge will make sure you get in. If you need a babysitter on a Friday night, just ask the concierge to arrange it.

You can set up all of this even before you head out for your flight to California. Check out the hotel's website, where you'll find the virtual concierge. Fill out information about your visit — your reservation confirmation number, how long you'll be staying and which activities you'd like to participate in while you're in town — and the concierge staff will get a jump on coordinating everything for you so that when you arrive, you have an agenda all set and ready to go. Don't forget to ask for whatever it is that you need — from horseback-riding lessons to arranging transportation, the concierge team at Montage Beverly Hills is very helpful.

The concierge at Montage Beverly Hills creates magical experiences throughout one's stay. He can make restaurant reservations, arrange transportation, get tickets to special events – anything you need.

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