Which train station is closest to Montage Beverly Hills?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

There isn't a Metro station near Montage Beverly Hills; the closest one is five-and-a-half miles away in Koreatown (the Purple Line stops there, just outside of the historic Wiltern Theatre at Wilshire Boulevard and Western Avenue). If you're considering taking a train to Montage Beverly Hills, you may want to rethink your plans, as L.A.'s transit system is less than convenient. A lot of Angelenos are, in fact, unaware that Los Angeles even has a working train system. To be fair, the train is a wonderful way to get from Hollywood to Downtown, or Downtown to Pasadena, but that's about it. To get to Montage Beverly Hills, you'll either have to drive yourself or take a taxi.

Union Station in downtown Los Angeles is the closest station to Montage Beverly Hills. It is about 12 miles west of the Five-Star hotel.

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