What kind of wraps are offered at Spa Montage?

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Spa Montage offers several wraps that use minerals and botanical ingredients to help remove impurities and leave your skin feeling fresh and glowing. Specially prepared mud and clay treatments at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star spa are performed in the ritual suite, where you’ll find heated chaise lounges, as well as in the Vichy suites where couples can experience mud wraps together.

If you’ve been a little hard on your body, detox with the Three Bowls purification treatment. The invigorating treatment involves foot, hand and scalp massages, rain showers and mud and clay from Morocco and Spain to leave your skin feeling brand new. The glorious treatment ends with the application of a tangerine and fig body cream that we always want to take home with us.

For a more personalized treatment, opt for the Elements of Earth wrap. A therapist will talk with you about your concerns and customize your body scrub accordingly. Think of it as being wrapped in warm and organic cocoon of ingredients that are drawing out all those bad toxins. A scalp massage and refreshing Vichy shower are also involved. At the end, you pick the body cream you want to seal the deal with.

We’ll admit, the body sculpting treatment might sound weird at first. When we hear things like “connective tissue therapy” and “cellular waste,” we get a little skeptical. But we were sold when we were told it would “lower fluid retention.” Heck, we’ll do anything to reduce bloating and de-stress at the same time. The cool mud mask and gel is super nourishing — and we might have felt a little lighter afterward.

Our favorite might be the Fruits of the Orchard wrap and foot bath. The foot bath is an aromatic blend of jasmine, rosehips, bergamot, neroli and sandalwood. This is followed by a lemon blossom, coffee and olive scrub that smells amazing, and there’s more. A rose-clay wrap is next, followed by a conditioning scalp massage, a contrasting temperature Vichy shower rain therapy and that fantastic tangerine-fig body cream.

We offer a service called Elements of the Earth Wrap: Beginning with a brief consultation, your therapist will customize your body scrub utilizing a nutrient-rich herbal apothecary of organic earth ingredients. Enveloped by a warm cocoon, absorb the earth’s elements while impurities are drawn out from within during a hypnotic scalp massage. Stress and toxins are washed away with our Vichy shower and you’re finished with a hand-selected body crème to restore and protect. (This treatment addresses specific needs such as: detox, anti-aging, relaxation, hydration, immune system and digestion.)

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