What’s the best time to visit Hyatt Regency Louisville?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Dana McMahan

The best of times (and worst of times) to visit the Hyatt Regency Louisville is the first weekend in May for the Kentucky Derby. Thanks to race fans packing the city and every hotel, availability plummets. However, spring is blooming, weather is often welcoming, and the festive spirit in the air is unmatched any other time. Plan to visit in April for pre-Derby fun minus the throngs of people.

Summer is a hot and humid affair in Louisville, with fall's cooler temps and vibrant foliage in the city's many parks and tree-lined neighborhoods making it a more enjoyable time to visit. Note, however, that September and October often bring convention crowds to the Hyatt Regency. Mild winters offer a crowd-free option for exploring Louisville.

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