What are the best things to order at Belon?

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You don’t have to leave the Zen-inducing atmosphere of Banyan Tree Macau to enjoy a delicious meal with a fabulous city view. Thanks to chef de cuisine Robby Setiawan, Belon is one of the city’s go-to restaurants for top fare. You cannot go wrong by ordering from Belon’s world-class oyster selection, but if you’d prefer to go the non-raw food route, here are the best things to order at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant:

Lobster bisque. This thick soup is made with succulent Boston lobster — the head and shell are first roasted in the oven before the soup is prepared with flamed cognac, balancing the lobster’s rich flavors. The full-bodied soup is served with a refreshing dollop of tarragon cream.

Steamed hake fish Bellevue. This deep-sea white fish is perfectly prepared so each bite has a soft, flaky texture. The fish fillet is covered with thinly sliced baby zucchini, complementing the fish’s light flavor profile. Guests watching their waistlines can stop there, but those looking for something more decadent can dig into the side of crispy ham topped with a black bean butter sauce.

Kurobuta pork belly. Drawing from Asian influence for this dish, a Japanese-bred pork belly is marinated with Sichuan pepper and cardamom, before being cooked sous vide (in a vacuum-sealed plastic pouch) for 16 hours at 176 degrees Fahrenheit. This meaty perfection is destined to melt in your mouth when it arrives on your plate accompanied by a light chickpea purée, and coconut foam.

Gray pomfret. This locally sourced fish is prepared by wrapping it in chicken skin, stuffing it with fish mousse, and cooking it sous vide at 136.4 degrees Fahrenheit before pan searing it. All this prep adds perfectly blended layers of flavor to the crispy pomfret fish fillet that arrives on your plate served with truffle vegetable roll soya reduction.

Lemon gelato Baked Alaska. As no meal would be complete without dessert, the menu at Belon has a number of classics to choose from. One of the restaurant’s signature dishes is the Baked Alaska made with lemon gelato. The meringue shell is stuffed with nougatine and flambéed with Grand Marnier tableside to finish the dish.

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