What is the food presentation like at The Tasting Room?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

From the amuse bouche to the dessert, expect artful touches and creative table presentations without a hint of pretension for all of the food that leaves chef de cuisine Guillaume Galliot’s kitchen at The Tasting Room.

During our most recent visit, for example, the amuse bouche was a seafood dumpling drenched in squid-ink sauce beautifully presented in a small glass bowl placed on top of a large egg-cup plate marked by a swoosh of gold around one edge. Our dessert at this contemporary French restaurant in Macau was a rich chocolate banana mille-feuille with varying textures, tastes and temperatures, similarly presented with evident care, with tiny chocolate bits sprinkled around a precise chocolate drizzle that wound around the plate like a snake. Chef Galliot’s signature onion soup, however, rightfully stole the show, with a kettle of pureed onion soup brought to the table and slowly poured over a mixture of caramelized onions, cheese, stale bread and scoop of onion ice cream.

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